Įkurta 2007 m., „Lesė“ užsiima gyvūnų globa ir sterilizacija. Nuo įsikūrimo radome namus 6000 gyvūnų ir finansavome sterilizaciją daugiau nei 2100 gyv., dėl kurių nereikalingų gyvūnų skaičius turėtų būti mažesnis bent 8300 per metus.

Tiesioginė transliacija iš Vilniaus prieglaudos kačių kambarių Nr. 1 ir Nr. 2 :)

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Ji buvo nepaprastai gero būdo katė. Vakar ją palydėjau į amžinybę :( Nebebuvo įmanoma...
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Didelis aciu Jums :)
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Tenka pripažinti, kad Kazytė - ne itin fotogeniška. "Gyvenime" - gražuolė fainuolė pusiau...
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Smulkutė, dailutė katytė. Labai prieraiši, lipšni, nori būt šalia žmogaus, glostoma ( tik...

Financial dead-end in rescuing kitties. Please help to cover Alina's debts! (trūksta 706 EUR)

‘Just call out ‘Help!’ and I’ll be right here!’ - this phrase is probably familiar to everyone who watched one of the Soviet-era cartoons (if you have not watched it, make sure that you check “Stranger’s traces” (1971)).

Alina, a volunteer of the pet welfare
organisation LESĖ, is one of those wonderful people who never refuse to help, never complain or put pressure or criticise, never condemn, but are always polite and always rush to help and feel empathy for everyone.
She could never stay blind or deaf to the suffering of kitties – whether abandoned or injured or being in pain due to a disease…

Last winter, Alina rescued a stray cat with an open wound due to mammary cancer. The cat underwent a surgery and subsequent treatment at a vet clinic, and was later released to her familiar environment (Stefa (photo 2) is alive and doing well according to the latest news from a lady feeding the cat). The same happened to a three-colour kitty found in the street in spring – she also underwent a surgery and medical treatment, was named Kariba (after the ‘Caribbean’, photo 3) and was finally adopted a week ago! Cloudy (photo 4) was rescued from a garbage container, and Misty (photo 5) was taken from a mentally sick owner who failed to take proper care of his pets. A tiny Mousy (photo 6) was rescued from a cellar – unfortunately, it was too late to save her left eye, but the vet managed to preserve the right eye and now our Mousy is almost 5 months old and looking for a new home! There were also several kitty families – a beautiful tortoise Mosaic with her 3 babies (photo 7), a big tabby Mama and her 4 sweet fur babies (photo 8 and 9), and the sad-eyed Duma (or ‘Haze’, photo 1) with her 4 kitties. A call for help also came from a small stray kitty with a broken tail and leg, two kittens thrown into a glass container (yes, they were thrown into a container full of broken glass, but they survived!), but it is not possible to tell about them due to lack of space here...    

All of these rescue stories have led to huge debts which a single person is unable to cope with... Today, a day came when Alina needs help herself.

Unfortunately, Alina’s debts have reached such a critical point that the veterinary clinic no longer agrees to accept from her any cat, and she will not be able to help any of furry friends until the amount of the debt is reduced...

We ask you not to turn away and help Alina as much as you can, let’s join our efforts to cover the debt to the clinic for the kitties already rescued, so that we could rescue even more.

The total amount of the debt to the clinic amounts currently to LTL 5148 (~EUR 1492). It is a huge amount indeed, so the help of many of us is needed to continue the rescue work. 

If you want to donate, you can do so below (for PayPal users - just click the PayPal button). You can also indicate which kitty you would like your money to go to (optional).

Thank you for your kindness!

Surinkta parama: 3113 EUR
Trūkstama parama: 706 EUR
Pavedimo nurodymas: Nr.8084
Organizacijos pavadinimas: VšĮ Lesė
Įmonės kodas: 300709225
Banko sąskaita: LT647044060005976183
PayPal sąskaita:
Organizacija: „Lesė“, Vilniaus skyrius

Sukurta: 2013-10-11
Naujienos numeris: 8084
Peržiūrėjimų skaičius: 4097
Lankytojas: Alina

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