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Labai ačiū, pagalba gauta, Sargiuką priglaudė Ukmergės "Klajūnas".
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Kokie kontaktai?
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Sveiki labai prasau padekit suprasti kas kaltas del komplikacijos kuri atsitiko mano suniukui, po...
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Deja nuotraukos įkelti nepavyko, šuniukas rastas 2017.08.21.Dėl nuotraukos ar daugiau...
We deal with a huge lack of funding for TNR project… We would be very thankful for Your support! A donation of a 100 LT (42 USD, 26 GBP or 30 EUR) will allow us to sterilize one female cat and save at least 6 kittens from death every year… A donation of 40lt (17 USD, 10 GBP 12 EUR) will allow us to neuter one male cat. 
Neutering program bank account LT65 7044 0600 0618 6558 (SEB bank, SWIFT code CBVILT2X)

To find out more about the programme click here

Participated in program Trap-Neuter-Release


07-05-2015 sterilizuota katyte, gyvenanti adresu Lietavos g. 41, Jonava. Globėja Marija. Tel. 863441894.

Pet species: cat
Number of pets: 1
Breed: Crossbreed
Sex: female
Sexual activeness: neutered/ spayed
Age: 4-8 years
Hair type: medium long-haired
Color: black, white
Locality: Lithuania, Jonava District, Jonava
Owners phone: +370 602 63534
Owners email: jonava@lese.lt
Source: Lese.lt
Owners name: Lesė, Jonava city
Homepage: Lese.lt
Bank account: LT647044060005976183
Company code: 300709225
Donate for shelter:

Advertisement ID: 16774
Posted: 2015-05-07
Announcement views: 16419
Previous pet status: Participated in program Trap-Neuter-Release

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Non-profit animal care organisation LESĖ.  Address in Vilnius: Savanorių ave. 33-91 (for correspondence), 
Phone: +370 671 88271 (Galina). E-mail: info@lese.lt. Bank account: LT647044060005976183.
Statistika Online: 35