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Šiuo metu perkame specialų maistą SPECIFIC iš http://www.dimela.lt, nes jis nesukelia...
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O koks maistas tinkamiausias?

Partial funding for sterilization

This programm is valid for pensioners and disabled pet owners who submit necessary

Practice of „cheap sterilization“ employed in other foreign countries has proved to be effective in
decreasing the number of homeless pets, in Western Europe as well as in some other economically
developed countries.

Due to this in 2008 "Lesė" has presented the financial support program for sterilization in order to
encourage people to sterilize their own pets as well as street cats and dogs.

What kind of animal sterilization do we fund?

We will cover half (50 %) of the sterilization procedure‘s price for all cats and dogs – either pets or
homeless, pedigrees or not – if it is performed at cooperating veterinary clinic.

How to register your pet for sterilization?

1. For arranging an operation appointment please contact veterinary clinic directly. Notify in
advance that you are calling in reference to "Lesė‘s" sterilization program.

2. Once arrived at the clinic at the appointed time, fill in the form providing information about
yourself and your pet.

3. Please pick up your pet from the clinic at the appointed time.

Information for veterinary clinics

If you would like to join clinics cooperating with „Lesė“, click here for more information.

You are welcome to contact us:

Vilnius: 8 605 33452 (Vesta)
Kaunas: 8 608 02927 (Sandra)
Email: info@lese.lt.

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