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Lese‘s Early-Aged Neutering


Some facts about early-age pet spaying/neutering

Although it might seem that neutering/spaying of early-age cats is quite a new phenomenon, it has already been practiced for more than 25 years in North America. The neutering/spaying procedure for young kittens is usually performed within 8 and 16 weeks after birth instead of the traditional 5-7 months period. The aim of this surgery is to neuter/spay cats and dogs in animal shelters before giving away to their new owners. It is the most reliable way to prevent the increase of homeless pets’ population. Surgical spaying is acknowledged as the most widely spread and effective method to control pet reproduction. Research shows that despite the economic incentives, a large number of cats and dogs taken from shelters still have their first offspring before they are spayed/neutered. Additionally, owners do not tend to neuter/spay their pets regardless of the discounts applied to the surgery and the ongoing public awareness programmes. In their own turn, about 1/3 of cats and dogs are brought back to local shelters as undesirable young.  

The American Veterinary Medical Association approved the concept of early-age neutering in 1993 after the resolution was adopted by the House of Delegates:

  • It is recognised that the AVMA supports this concept of the population control of dogs and cats in order to stop the overpopulation of animals;
  • Since 1993, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons have supported the early neutering/spaying of pets.

Our programme

The frequent experience of “Lesė” shelter has been that pets are not prevented from giving several births after adoption and only subsequently the pet’s owners make a decision on spaying or neutering. Such ‘accidental’ kittens quickly find new homes, but at the same time this process reduces opportunities for other pets in the shelter to find home. There are much more homeless kittens than people who can be their caring friends...


We have decided to implement a policy of giving away only spayed female kittens (or in some cases, we give away a kitten under a spaying contract). The spay surgery is done from the age of 2 months at the veterinary clinics of “Filaretai” or “AH Fiona”. The cut after the early spay/neuter is very small, the metabolism of young animals is faster, so they recover more quickly. We have not noticed any difference between the pets who have been spayed at an early age and at a usual age. Research proves that early-age spaying of female cats decreases the possibility of mammary gland inflammation, whereas male cats less frequently suffer from struvites.


Posted: 2009-06-05
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