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Šiuo metu perkame specialų maistą SPECIFIC iš http://www.dimela.lt, nes jis nesukelia...
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O koks maistas tinkamiausias?
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Dėkojame :)
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Adopted pet


Meili katyte apie 1metukus.

Features: loves children, needs much attention, untrained, playful, can live inside only, friendly, vaccinated
Pet species: cat
Number of pets: 1
Breed: Crossbreed
Sex: female
Sexual activeness: neutered/ spayed
Age: 7-12 months
Hair type: long-haired
Color: three-colour, three-colour
Locality: Lithuania, Kaunas City, Kaunas
Owners name: Lesė, Kaunas city
Homepage: Lese.lt
Bank account: LT657044060006186558
Company code: 300709225
Donate for shelter:

Advertisement ID: 17501
Posted: 2017-06-24 | updated: 2017-07-16 | deactivated: 2017-07-16
Announcement views: 22564
Previous pet status: Waiting for adoption

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Non-profit animal care organisation LESĖ.  Address in Vilnius: Savanorių ave. 33-91 (for correspondence), 
Phone: +370 671 88271 (Galina). E-mail: info@lese.lt. Bank account: LT647044060005976183.
Statistika Online: 59