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Support for establishing the shelter is needed

Finally, we can celebrate that Lesė found new premises for the shelter together with you!

We are very grateful and thank Veterinary Medical Cathedral of the Faculty of Agrotechnologies of
Vilnius College on behalf of our organization and our animals for the possibility provided to us to
establish a shelter in their premises in Buivydiškės.

Dear caregivers of our homeless animals, we kindly ask you to keep them with you for a little longer
as the equipping of the premises will take a while – there’s really much to do here (and the uploaded
pictures can show that). We are doing this so that our four-footed friends could settle in cozy and
comfortably in these premises.

So far the initial establishment work is being taking care of. When we see that not only men but also
women work can help, we will invite you – the faithful and loyal members of Lesė community – in for
the help. So please follow this news and join us, if only you can.

We also would like to ask for the help all the people that have unnecessary materials or other stuff
that could be used for equipping the new shelter. If you could help us, please kindly give a call to our
volunteer Rita at +370 612 39181.

Uploaded please find a few pictures. You’re eyes are not lying – our neighbours will be a horse and a
cow J And yes, this is a former farm J

We are really hoping for your understanding in further caring of our animals.

14 February 2010: As there are lots of expenses for equipping the premises, we kindly ask you for the
financial support, if possible… It’s only the beginning and LTL 3,000 has been swept from Lesė bank
account already – the money that could be used for treatment and care of the animals.

Keeping up this speed, I think, we can easily reach the amount of LTL 10,000. And that is because there
are lots and lots of work to do in the shelter, not even mentioning the floor that will have to be tiled.
Lino is not a good solution because only a special lino could be used (that is used by vet clinics as well)
and it costs a fortune to buy it. We are doing all this and we are asking for you support b because of the
homeless animals we are taking care of – so that the diseases would not spread, the premises could
be disinfected easier and all the diseases could not get in the premises and attack our poor and low-
immunity animals from here.

Help by means of men hand-work is also really needed. Our two volunteer guys can hardly keep up with
the workload.

6 May 2010
: Lesė beats its own record! We are now taking care of 143 homeless animals! We didn't
have this number of animals even when we had the shelter. We cannot help saving those poor animals.
We are very grateful for all the people who are taking care of the animals of Lesė for their patience and

One could not say that we just sit and wait for the money for establishing the shelter. We keep on
working on that intensively but... We usually get no further response from the ones that respond to our
request for help. And if we do, they just make us sad... Not all the people are animal lovers like us who
created this community. Therefore, we put our hopes on you. We really appreciate and thank the girls
who help us with the support requests, who don't get tired and who help us a lot in the hard path that
we follow.

From your comments we see that quite a few people expect that the 2% of income tax that they are
going to transfer to Lesė will be used for establishing the shelter. We are happy for your good wishes
but, sadly, this money will arrive to us only in autumn. And we want to equip the shelter and start using
in as soon as possible because we could not expect that the people that help us would be able to keep
the homeless animals at their home for as long as we need.

We can totally understand that not all the people can help us financially. It also makes sense that saving
the poor animals lives, everyone chooses what he or she wants to assign his/her money to. Therefore,
we also are hoping for your moral support. Also, we are hoping you could check your cellars, basements,
etc. for the things that you don't need anymore. And ask you friends, relatives and neighbours to check
their cellars and basements as well. Maybe you will find some building materials that could be very
useful for us. When you think of it, does it really matter whether the small area will be tiled with one
color tiles or will be as colorful as a rainbow?

16 November 2010: We bring this piece of writing up for your attention with a few pictures. In the
photos 1 to 4 you can see some views that reflect our daily routine and also a small progress in
establishing the shelter with your help! Thank you for it!

Below please find a list of the materials and equipment that we need:

Concrete, daub, balks, drywalls, rock wool, windows, doors, stuff for electricity (sockets, switches,
cables, chandeliers, three-phase eclectic meter, etc.), plumbing materials (taps/faucets, fixing elements,
toilet, etc.), decoration materials (putty, oil paint and latex paint, laminate, plinths, tiles) and other
building materials.

If you find any of the materials left and you don't need them, please kindly let us know by writing a
comment. We will agree how we could get them from you.

If you have any chance to donate some money, we would be the most grateful, if you could transfer the
amount that you could donate to the following bank account and indicate that you are donating "the
the premises":

LT64 7044 0600 0597 6183 (bank name: SEB, SWIFT code: CBVILT2X).

Non-profit organization "Lesė"

Company code: 300709

Together nothing is impossible!



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