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Labai džiaugiasi Margutis ir dėkoja Jums :)
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jei jau "užsirašiau" Margučiui į draugus... Margutis nebeskolingas klinikai ir gali įsigyti...
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Šiuo metu perkame specialų maistą SPECIFIC iš http://www.dimela.lt, nes jis nesukelia...
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O koks maistas tinkamiausias?

Non-profit organization Lesė participates in www.aukok.lt project

We would like to share our joy with you that the homeless animals care organization Lesė participates
in the www.aukok.lt project for the second time in order to stop the increase of homeless cats

Let’s take a look into the situation in the streets through a homeless kitty eyes:

I am just another kitty living in the streets. People usually don’t even notice me or chase me away
shouting… Therefore, I do not trust people. I could not live in their home. I am tired from seeing my baby
kittens dying – I have around ten of them each year but how many of them survive?! One. Sometimes
two. I can never live easily and relax – the animal control officers come and take my baby kittens,
they also try to catch me. We all know what is waiting for me if they catch me… And the Lithuanian
courtyards and streets are full of cats like me. But you can change the situation of homeless cats.
Neutering would save me from the heavy duties, tens of kittens from meaningless death and would let
the people to feed me legally.

About the project: The goal of this project is to reduce the population of homeless cats in Lithuania by
humane and effective means. This project of Lesė is based on the continued practice of other countries
(the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, etc.). It was noticed that the policy of Catch-
Euthanize is not effective since homeless animals come to “cleaned” places from other courtyards,
they keep on multiplying and their population still keeps on increasing. Catch-Neuter-Let Go method
lets the neutered cats to stay and protect their territory from other cats, they do not multiply and their
population is stabilized. At the same time, prevention from various diseases (e.g. rabies) is implemented.

In vet clinics the cats are examined by the vets and only healthy cats are let to go back to the courtyards
and streets. These cats are also marked with a special mark – a cut tip of the left ear. These cats
continue catching mice and other gnawers and thus reduce their number. The sterilized animals do not
cause inconveniences to people – they do not mark their territories, do not mew at night looking for
partners and are healthier. Companies taking care of urban animals do not catch marked cats and do not
euthanize them.

During this project it is planned to neuter and vaccinate around 450 – 500 cats against rabies in Vilnius,
Kaunas, Jonava and possibly some other cities or towns.

Wild homeless cats that have such baby kittens, doomed for living in the streets or even executions…

Lets help each other to make good deeds! It ain’t raining good deeds and they do not come up

Thank you for being with us.


Team of the non-profit organization Lesė

Posted: 2011-03-11
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