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Labai džiaugiasi Margutis ir dėkoja Jums :)
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jei jau "užsirašiau" Margučiui į draugus... Margutis nebeskolingas klinikai ir gali įsigyti...
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Šiuo metu perkame specialų maistą SPECIFIC iš http://www.dimela.lt, nes jis nesukelia...
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O koks maistas tinkamiausias?

Support for establishing the shelter is needed

- 2011-03-27
Finally, we can celebrate that Lesė found new premises for the shelter together with you! We are very grateful and thank Veterinary Medical Cathedral of the Faculty of Agrotechnologies of Vilnius College on behalf of our organization and our...

Non-profit organization Lesė participates in www.aukok.lt project

- 2011-03-11
We would like to share our joy with you that the homeless animals care organization Lesė participates in the www.aukok.lt project for the second time in order to stop the increase of homeless cats population. Let’s take a look into...
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