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Ji buvo nepaprastai gero būdo katė. Vakar ją palydėjau į amžinybę :( Nebebuvo įmanoma...
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Didelis aciu Jums :)
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Tenka pripažinti, kad Kazytė - ne itin fotogeniška. "Gyvenime" - gražuolė fainuolė pusiau...
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Smulkutė, dailutė katytė. Labai prieraiši, lipšni, nori būt šalia žmogaus, glostoma ( tik...

Who we are

Founded in 2007, “Lesė” is an animal charity in Lithuania providing animal shelter and funding pet neutering programs for homeless cats and dogs. The organisation is funded by donations and is run by unpaid volunteers only. Back in 2007, the organisation was one of the first “no-kill” animal shelters in Lithuania, when animal care in Lithuania was almost non-existent and State-funded shelters were euthanizing up to 90% of animals without any hope for adoption. The organisation was founded by volunteers animal lovers, who started to shelter homeless animals at their homes and advertise them for adoption. In 2008, “Lesė” opened a proper animal shelter and since then has adopted over 1,500 animals.

The organisations is also well-known for its neutering programs, because it was the pioneer and leader of “Trap-Neuter-Release” program for stray cats as well as funding subsidies for pet neutering for low-income groups in Vilnius city. Since the establishment, the organisation has funded neutering for over 2,100 animals, which probably saved lives for another 8,300 unwelcome cubs.

Our goals are:
  • Reducing the number of unwanted pet animals in a humane way;
  • Finding new homes for homeless animals;
  • Promoting the society awareness and stopping cruelty against animals;
  • Establishing an animal shelter meeting EU standards and creating an effective animal rescue system.
If you would like to help animals, will be grateful for support in:

  • Cat litter (suitable for all types)
  • Gauze
  • Animal bearing
  • Scratching poles, scratching post either, tables
  • Transportation enclosures, cages
  • Cat, dog treats, mineral bounty
  • Towels, soft onlays
  • Robust garbage bags
  • Cat dog vitamins and food supplements
  • Rags, non-synthetic clothing, bed sheets
  • Higher-capacity bin
  • Simple and water-absorbing Brooms
  • Scales (can be baby scales)

Currently, we have the lack of bearings, soft blanket, cushion and sewing materials lengths bearings... Unnecessary objects in your home can become a great support!

Non-profit animal care organisation LESĖ.  Address in Vilnius: Savanorių ave. 33-91 (for correspondence), 
Phone: +370 671 88271 (Galina). E-mail: info@lese.lt. Bank account: LT647044060005976183.
Statistika Online: 53