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Ji buvo nepaprastai gero būdo katė. Vakar ją palydėjau į amžinybę :( Nebebuvo įmanoma...
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Didelis aciu Jums :)
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Tenka pripažinti, kad Kazytė - ne itin fotogeniška. "Gyvenime" - gražuolė fainuolė pusiau...
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Smulkutė, dailutė katytė. Labai prieraiši, lipšni, nori būt šalia žmogaus, glostoma ( tik...

Little kitty foundlings

These little kitties were found in the street and brought to “Lesė“shelter. The lady, who brought them here, didn‘t want to hear anything about the lack of free places and the fact that you have to arrange in advance to bring animals to “Lesė” shelter. She was threatening to leave little kittens in the street… Almost a half of the day, these little kittens had to spend in the carton box. Luckily, one of our volunteers, who takes care of the kittens at home, brought a spear cage. Little babies – cute fluffy creatures, not frightful at all, however they are gaunt – whenever fondling them you can feel their little spines and tiny bones, both of them sneeze a lot. Their little tabby eyes are suppurated. They both had problems with digestive systems, and because of that were fed with “Intestinal” products and also got some good bacteria’s paste. Because they there so languorous they got some antibiotics “Engysol”, vitamins C and B, drops to their eyes and mineral paste. Today they were feeling much better – there playing, frolicking around and most importantly – felt much better and had no scour! Now for some period of time they are going to be quarantined and they are going to be given away.

If you would like to contribute to little kittens maintenance, you can donate some money to general account of “Lese”. Little kittens will need some medicine, vitamins and it would be great, if they could get some “Recovery” preserves, which would help them gain some weight.

VšĮ “Lese” General bank account LT64 7044 0600 0597 6183 (SEB bank).

Don’t forget to indicate, what is the purpose of your donation!

Big thanks in advance!

Posted: 2009-08-25
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