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Labai džiaugiasi Margutis ir dėkoja Jums :)
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jei jau "užsirašiau" Margučiui į draugus... Margutis nebeskolingas klinikai ir gali įsigyti...
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Šiuo metu perkame specialų maistą SPECIFIC iš http://www.dimela.lt, nes jis nesukelia...
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O koks maistas tinkamiausias?

Report of received and utilized financial support in 2009

Total amount of contributions received 166.867Lt
From 2 % of income tax
88.833 Lt
Physical persons
65.757 Lt
Juridical persons*

12.277 Lt


Total amount of contributions utilized 138.400 Lt
Sterilization procedures
23.008 Lt
Pet treatment
31.975 Lt
Food expenses**
47.163 Lt
10.578 Lt
3.716 Lt
Preventive medication*****
17.223 Lt
Advertising expenses******
1.487 Lt
Bank surcharge
2.997 Lt

* Geros valios projektai VšĮ: 3.000 Lt, Lietuvos gyvūnų globos draugija: 500 Lt, UAB B.W.E.:
800 Lt, Alvigdos auditas UAB: 100 Lt, Žvėrūna UAB (food): 4.913 Lt, Žvėrūna UAB (medication):
2.964 Lt.
** figure is inaccurate as the expenses for food that volunteers are ordered are presented in one
joint check.
*** cat litter, disposable gloves, garbage bags, paper towels, disinfectants, laudry detergents,
cleansers, sponges, mops, brooms.
**** boxes for transportation, food boxes, leashes, etc.
***** eye drops, worm medicine, preventive vaccination, vitamin supplemets, medical supplies –
squirts, needles, bandages, drip equipment.
****** flyers, posters, post facilities, server management.


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